1Please observe all entry rules and house rules.

2Maximum 6 guests per table.

3You MAY play “musical chairs” among your assigned tables.

4You MAY NOT stand in the aisles for the safety of our servers and guests not in your party.

5You MUST maintain 6 feet social distance from persons not in your party.

6One credit card per table.


1Please wait to be seated.

2You must wear a mask.

3You must have your temperature taken. If you have a temperature greater than or equal to 100.4°F you may not enter.

4You must sanitize your hands.

5You must sign into our contract tracing form BEFORE being seated.


1Please remain seated at all times, except when visiting the restroom or exiting.

2You must wear a mask on the way to the bathroom, or exiting.

3Please wear a mask when not actively eating or drinking.

4Observe six feet of social distance from guests not in your party.


There is ample parking on Pico Blvd, Exposition Blvd, Gateway Blvd, and Federal Ave. After 6PM on Mon through Sat, the meters “turn off” and you do not need to pay them. On Sundays, the meters are “free” all day. You can park in the residential neighborhood on Gateway Blvd and Federal Ave. You can also park in the industrial neighborhood on Exposition Blvd (the strip north of Pico). We recommend using a Ride Sharing service if you plan to drink alcohol.


Please check the weather and dress appropriately for your outdoor visit. It can be very hot in the day, despite having plenty of shade, and cold in the evenings. We look forward to adding blankets and patio heaters to our repertoire as soon as we can afford to do so.


SNS only allows ADA Service Dogs: Guide Dogs for the Blind, Signal Dogs for the Deaf , Service Dogs for the Disabled or Handicapped.

Therapy Dogs and ESA Dogs are not Service Dogs.

Service Dog Fraud is a Crime - CA Penal Code 365.7(a)

All dogs are good dogs! But not all owners are good owners. Due to some “bad owners” not cleaning up after their pets or allowing the pets to roam, we have made this our policy. Thank you for understanding that we do not have enough staff and time to clean up after pets, nor do we want to accidentally hurt pets when things are busy and we have to walk briskly through the facility.


1The new Sorry Not Sorry provides service only outdoors as a part of our "Safer Outside" program. There will be no indoor service per CDC guidelines and the Governor Newsom's executive order. Only the indoor restroom facilities will be accessible to guests.

2All guests will use one point of entry - the rear entrance - in order to control for capacity. Masks are required in order to enter the facility and guests must wear a mask when not actively eating or drinking.

3New entry procedures include temperature checks (for staff and guests), mandatory hand sanitation at our entrance, and signing our contact tracing form which certifies that the guest (to their knowledge) is not having illness symptoms or has been exposed to COVID19 recently. We will use the contact tracing list to contact guests who attend on a day in which there is a reported positive test in our facility, which will hopefully be never.

4Posted signage throughout the facility to outline new health department mandated guest safety procedures, such as physical distancing, mask wearing, and frequent hand washing. Guests are encouraged to stay at their tables as much as possible, and we will be providing a style of service conducive to this stance, including the use of handheld ordering devices by our "strolling bartenders" to prevent guests from walking indoors to the bar.

5Hourly disinfection of high touch surfaces, such as door handles and sink handles.

6Disinfection of tables between guests.

7Disposable eating wares and individually wrapped utensils. Drinkware will be 80 percent disposable.


1All staff members will wear both a cloth mask and a face shield when providing service to guests, in addition to gloves.

2Staff members are required to wash hands and change gloves every hour.

3Staff members are disallowed from working if they feel ill, and are required to receive a negative COVID19 test before returning to work.

4Temperature checks for all staff members upon arrival to work.

5Health department reporting

6Disposable one-use menus and menu QR codes will be used.

7Takeout containers will only be provided upon request, and must be filled by the customer.

8A designated "health and sanitation officer" is designated among our staff for each shift.

9We have stopped the practice of refilling water from shared among tables. Water pitchers will be provided to each individual table or water bottles will be available for purchase.

10Safe food preparation, storage, and serving procedures are strictly observed.

11520 W Pico, Los Angeles. CA 90064 | (424) 832-7000