Hosting a birthday party?! Let’s Celebrate!

Balloons, streamers and other decorations are allowed, as well as BYO cakes and desserts. Just please no glitter or confetti, it’s too hard to clean up!


Walk-ins are always welcome! For groups of 6 or more, we recommend making a reservation via email so we can hold tables adjacent to each other. When making the reservation, please include the name, phone number, number of guests and time you wish to join us. Email


There is ample parking on Pico Blvd, Exposition Blvd, Gateway Blvd, and Federal Ave. After 6pm on Mon through Sat, the meters “turn off” and you do not need to pay them. On Sundays, the meters are “free” all day. You can park in the residential neighborhood on Gateway Blvd and Federal Ave. You can also park in the industrial neighborhood on Exposition Blvd (the strip north of Pico). We recommend using a Ride Sharing service if you plan to drink alcohol.


Please, check the weather and dress appropriately for your outdoor visit. It can be very hot in the day, despite having plenty of shade, and cold in the evenings. We look forward to adding blankets and patio heaters to our repertoire as soon as we can afford to do so.


SNS only allows ADA Service Dogs: Guide Dogs for the Blind, Signal Dogs for the Deaf ,and Service Dogs for the Disabled or Handicapped.

Therapy Dogs and ESA Dogs are not Service Dogs.

Service Dog Fraud is a Crime - CA Penal Code 365.7(a)

All dogs are good dogs! But not all owners are good owners. Due to some “bad owners” not cleaning up after their pets or allowing the pets to roam, we have made this our policy. Thank you for understanding that we do not have enough staff and time to clean up after pets, nor do we want to accidentally hurt pets when things are busy and we have to walk briskly through the facility.


DON'T FORGET TO SIGN FOR YOUR TAB. If you walk out on your tab and we have a credit card saved, we will charge your tab and add an automatic 22% gratuity.

11520 W Pico, Los Angeles. CA 90064 | (424) 832-7000