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We now offer full-service bookings for private and semi-private events on our glam SNS patio or the entire venue, indoors and out!

Special Event Bookings @SNS

Limited Availability, Book Now!

At SNS, we have the right space to host your private and semi-private parties, milestone celebrations, organizational events, and brand activations!

Our festive back patio offers ample space and seating, featuring lounge areas with fire pits, and optional heating, throughout. The SNS bar is a cozy and welcoming space with sophisticated old world charm, which opens onto an additional front patio for those who prefer a street view.

You can opt to use our full-service staff and treat your guests to the SNS menu, or we can develop your own custom menu developed for you by our the culinary experts at our sister property, Vucacious Catering in Santa Monica.

As an added bonus, we can develop your own custom branding for the space and refer our popular roster of DJs, Drag Performers, and other entertainment. Explore our offerings below. We’re sure to have an option that suits your needs. 🙂

Private Events

Full Buyouts

If you want a truly private experience, and you want us to keep out all other people, then we will require a food and beverage minimum based on the average sales of the day and time you are asking for.

Current menus are here:

Full Menu »

Catering Menu »

We do have custom catering options available. Just ask!

Pictures of the space and products are here:

Instagram »

Semi-Private Events

No-Fee Bookings

There is NO FEE for booking an area for your party, as long as one of two conditions are met:

1. If your party doesn’t max out our capacity in any given area, you allow other guests to be at other tables.

For example, if you are only hosting 50 guests on our back patio, you allow the other tables to be sat by other guests. Your area will be just for your guests, and we do a very good job of separating you through the creative use of furniture, signs, and plants.

2. You max out our capacity in any given area.

Here are your financial options for a no-fee booking:

1. Hosted Full Bar, Hosted Food (No budget limit): Guests can order as much as they want from our existing menus and the host will pay the entire bill.

2. Hosted Full Bar, Hosted Food (With budget limit set by the host): Guests can order up to the host’s limit, after which the servers will politely tell the guests the limit has been reached. We will start tabs for everyone who wants to eat and drink after the limit has been reached.

3. Hosted Set Menu: We will assist you in determining the exact food menu and number of drinks that will be purchased to accommodate both the number of guests and budget for the event. For example, your order would look like: x number bottles of wine, x number buckets of beer, x number appetizer platters. Hosted Set Menus are a fantastic way to control budget restrictions, if there are any.

4. Everyone on their own tabs.

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Our Venue Capacity

Book a Limited Area or the Entire Space!

  • Rear Outdoor Patio seated capacity, socially distant = 144
  • Rear Outdoor Patio standing capacity = 288
  • Indoor Bar/Dining Room seated capacity = 40
  • Indoor Bar/Dining Room standing capacity = 80
  • Front Outdoor Patio seated or standing capacity = 22
  • Total Venue standing capacity = 340

Dos & Don’ts

Final notes for birthdays or social events:

1. You can bring a cake or cupcakes! But, please, don’t bring cookies, because we sell cookies here.

2. You can bring balloons or flowers! But please, no confetti or glitter because it’s too hard to clean up.

3. We don’t allow dogs on our patio. There is an exception for ADA certified service animals. ESA and TSA dogs don’t qualify for the exemption.

4. Please, check the weather before you come. It’s been bananas – hot one week, cold the next week, and then there was this crazy wind as well.

11520 W Pico, Los Angeles. CA 90064 | (424) 832-7000